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Macro2 is an innovative brand and business solutions company that accelerates business and government transformation creatively, efficiently, and effectively.


Business & Government Transformation

We design the critical strategies that enable business and government to transform into greatness.

Strategic Growth Consulting

Innovative branding, organizational transformation, communications, business development, and marketing strategies that drive business success.

Creative Services

Full-service graphic design, copywriting, and development to capture the hearts and minds of your internal and external stakeholders.

Program Management

Timing, coordination, precision, and professionalism. We take care of the details so that you can take care of business.

Innovation & Integrity

Enterprise strategies that accelerate growth, increase market share, and secure enduring market leadership postions.

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strategy_tab_iconGiven today's economic and political climate, practically every industry—from healthcare and information technology to financial and professional services—is transforming to meet new challenges.

Consumers are apprehensive. Government is re-shaping itself. How you position your company in today's marketplace will determine whether your company takes off or takes a seat.

Sometimes the most effective way to grow externally is to align yourself internally.

Whether aligning a disparate workforce with consistent enterprise messaging and positioning, unifying a group of decentralized business units and engaging them to share best practices and information, or reinvigorating employee morale that reinstates confidence in executive leadership, your people are your brand ambassadors, the company face to your customers, and the gateway to business expansion.

Why settle for thought leadership when you can have market ownership?

We stay true to your vision and business goals while remaining agile in an ever-changing business environment. Good companies are already adapting to meet current market conditions. But excellent companies are doing much more than that. They are aggressively reaching out to customers, media, employees, business partners, and other key stakeholders to enhance their brand equity.

In doing so, they are not only winning new customers. They are also solidifying their market leadership positions.

Whether composing a six-month, fully integrated thought leadership initiative, capturing headlines in top media, or launching a groundbreaking solution, our strategies are backed by real world experience and understanding of the need to be more than just competitive. Our strategies enable you to win--and be memorable.


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