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Macro2 is an innovative brand and business solutions company that accelerates business and government transformation creatively, efficiently, and effectively.


Business & Government Transformation

We design the critical strategies that enable business and government to transform into greatness.

Strategic Growth Consulting

Innovative branding, organizational transformation, communications, business development, and marketing strategies that drive business success.

Creative Services

Full-service graphic design, copywriting, and development to capture the hearts and minds of your internal and external stakeholders.

Program Management

Timing, coordination, precision, and professionalism. We take care of the details so that you can take care of business.

Innovation & Integrity

Enterprise strategies that accelerate growth, increase market share, and secure enduring market leadership postions.

About Macro2

Macro2 is an innovative brand and business solutions company that accelerates business growth—creatively, efficiently, and effectively.

We design, construct, and implement lifecycle B2B and B2G branding, organizational transformation, strategic communications, and business development and marketing solutions that get the most out of limited budgets and resources to:

  • Drive revenue growth
  • Increase market share
  • Secure enduring market leadership positions

Trusted by industry and government, we take you out of your comfort zone, challenge your strategies, stretch your business potential, and streamline your success.

Passion for innovation.

Some companies choose to play it safe, blending into the market instead of standing out, taking little to no risk, hoping to reap significant rewards. This is not Macro2.

Macro2 was borne out of passion. Passion to break through the mundane, the typical, and to do things smarter, better, and more efficiently. We are a trusted advisor to companies that are looking to be more than great—we help companies achieve excellence through our dedicated focus on innovation.

O2 enables you to win—and endure.

The O2 in the company name not only represents our integrated brand and business competencies, but also metaphorically represents oxygen, an essential element that a body needs in order to compete—and win—over the long-run in endurance competition. It's a measure of fitness, a measure of competitiveness, a measure of one's ability to sustain excellence.


Challenges We Tackle

Why Macro2?

Intelligence to lead. Creativity to capture. Experience to endure. See why Macro2 is the right partner to help you succeed.


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